Compliance surveys 

One of the most common short falls of Local Authorities is their inability to react to informal advice. As this is not a statutory function it is often replaced with a more formal approach. This has resulted in investors up and down the country undertaking huge renovation works without proper guidance.

White Horse Property Consultants was originally set up to bridge this gap, to provide landlords with current and accurate advice so that the properties they were investing in were renovated and converted to meet current Environmental Health requirements.

Our HMO design visits are conducted by a fully qualified Environmental Health Officer with nearly a decade's experience in enforcing legal standards within HMOs. This insight allows our consultant to walk you through your plans and discuss what works are likely to be required in order to meet your Local Authorities standards.


This initial visit is supported with a comprehensive report, and floor plans, detailing exactly what works are needed and the most common building materials used to achieve this standard.

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