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I have owned a couple of HMO properties in Reading for a few years now and have historically utilised the services of various well-known managing agents. In the main, I have found the experience extremely frustrating and below par. A deep cynicism had developed. That is until now!  I recently handed over a Central Reading property of mine to White Horse.  It has been and continues to be really well managed.  The quality and care of the service, the understanding of how to market to tenants and the maintenance of my property has been second to none. The tenants are very happy; I, as a landlord, am very happy and I have a very real confidence that my property is being looked after while the rent comes in.  I cannot recommend White Horse highly enough.  Thank you Dean and Kevin and keep up the great work.

SN, Landlord, London

White Horse thank you so much for ensuring that my rentals are running without issues over this cold snap. Touch wood but everything is operating well and we haven't had any issues with heating or anything else that I am aware of. Happy Tenants make Happy Landlords.


JR, Landlord, London 

Right from my initial meet with White Horse Property Consultants through to the present day, Kevin & Dean and the rest of their team inspire confidence. The effort they make to source potential tenants, keep me informed and updated always impresses. They continually manage the house to a very high standard indeed with great attention to detail - a house full of happy tenants a constant testament to their dedicated service. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending White Horse Property Consultants, they really are first class.

JP, Landlord, Reading

Thank you White Horse for your continued service and support during my tenancy in one of your properties. Speedy and reliable.

CT, Tenant, Reading

Awesome service - For almost 3 years I've received nothing but great service from Dean, Jasmin, and Kevin at White Horse PC. They are always very responsive and helpful. The house is very well managed and any issues are attended to and fixed shortly after being reported. I've had an awesome experience with them maintaining the property I was renting in.


G.A, Tenant, Reading

Five star service - Whitehorse Property Consultancy is run by an amazing group of people. I have lived in one of their properties for 3 years and I am full of nothing but praise for Dean, Kevin and Jasmin. They respond quickly to tenant needs and queries. Whitehorse PC take health and safety very seriously and regular checks are carried out regularly. They are friendly and keen to ensure that tenants enjoy the experience of renting. I give Whitehouse PC five stars and recommend their consultancy to anyone who is looking at renting.


Jo, Tenant, Bracknell

Awesome service - For almost 3 years I've received nothing but great service from Dean, Jasmin, and Kevin at White Horse PC. They are always very responsive and helpful. The house is very well managed and any issues are attended to and fixed shortly after being reported. I've had an awesome experience with them maintaining the property I was renting in.


Peter, Tenant, Bracknell

I am delighted that Whitehorse Properties are managing my property. They are very reliable, supportive and highly skilled. They not only do an excellent job of managing the property, they are always willing to go the extra mile for me. I live some distance from the house they look after and having them on board gives me absolute peace of mind that things will be done properly and run smoothly.


LJ, Landlord, London

We have been delighted with the professionalism and service we have received from White Horse Property Consultants.  As landlords with a mixed portfolio of properties – HMO and BTL - we need a property maintenance team that is highly knowledgeable, experienced and efficient.  White Horse Property Consultants are just that.  They arrive when they say they will, do what they say they will do, and keep us legally compliant at all times.  Their quarterly inspections mean that an eye is being kept on our investment properties and any issues can be dealt with promptly.  Their transparent charging system means we always know what we are paying for.  Anyone who is frustrated with their lettings agent/property maintenance team should contact White Horse Property Consultants and they will realize there is a hassle and stress free way of dealing with your tenants and property.


CS, Landlord, Oxfordshire

Great management, quick responses and generally a pleasure to rent from White Horse Property Consultants!


CP, Tenant, Reading 

Before I came across White Horse Property Consultants I had personally viewed about 70 properties around Reading over the course of 1 month, either through landlords or agents. Then I contacted Kevin and Dean, who showed me a few of the properties they manage to find out that all of them had one common denominator - Cleanliness, furnished to above average standard, and most importantly great management. Whenever something broke down - boiler, dishwasher, microwave, oven, fire alarms - it never took White Horse more than a day or two to either replace or fix a respective appliance/device. Last but not least, as opposed to other agents who try to rip you off before you have even moved in, White Horse do not charge any agency fees, and know their tenants by name which is quite rare! I do hope the market share of White Horse will skyrocket :D.


MB, Tenant, Reading 

So I've been living in a white horse property for the past 4 months now and I love it. They are extremely receptive to any issues in the house, of which there are few since they are decorate...d to a high standard. Anything that has posed issues they have resolved in 24 hours. The exception being the tumble dryer which took 2 days since they needed parts, Perfectly acceptable in my opinion.

The housemates are lovely, the house is lovely, it's fully kitted out with good quality white equipment in the kitchen. An excellent oven on which I cook frequently and housemates that are very social. We all work together to make the house great and when people do leave, we get another great housemate we can later call a friend. I recently had the pleasure of Rohan joining the house after the last one decided to buy a house. We all went out for drinks when he arrived and it was wonderful.
I'll be honest, these aren't houses, they are homes, with friends.

I have no issue with using them again going forward for any other houses I may need to rent, but I see no point in moving any time soon :-)

5/5 Dean is a legend, Jasmin is lovely and Kevin is great. They are all exceptional.

AG, Tenant, Reading 

Thank you White Horse for helping us out whenever there is an issue. We really appreciate all your help and how efficient you get the job done. Really enjoy living here. Thank you to Dean Kevin and Jas!

AT, Tenant, Reading 

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