Top Tips For Living in Your First House Share

At White Horse Property Consultants we fill our properties with a range of different tenants; house sharing is no longer just for the 18-22s, at White Horse, we come across people from all walks of life, from age, occupation and background, we can always guarantee a diverse group with lots of different characters.

However, some people may find this challenging, so we have gone ahead and conducted a list of top tips to help you when moving into your first house share.


1. Keep communal areas tidy

Probably one of the most common factors that people find challenging living in a house share is having to deal with other peoples cleanliness; it is important to act as a team and pull your weight, keeping areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and dining area clean is step one to easy living in your first house share!

2. Do your own dishes

This is something that can easily cause friction in a house, no one wants to be cooking only to find all the pots and pans have been left dirty from the last person! It is crucial to clean any kitchen utensils as you use them so they are ready to use for the next person, oh, and don’t hoard things like mugs, glasses, knives and forks in your bedroom, it’s a pain for your other housemates and overall, just not cool!

3. Respect your housemates

This goes without saying, but respect all of your housemates; treat them as you would like to be treated! When living in a house share, it is important to be respectful and considerate of others, think about their needs as well as your own, for example, don’t be up all night playing loud music when your housemate next door has work at 6am!

4. Live like an extended family

Your housemates will become like an extended family to you, they may frustrate you at times, but they will always be there when you come home and will always have your back. At White Horse, we treat all our tenants as family and will always be just a call away when you need us! Its not just a room in a house, it’s your own bedroom in your extended family home!

5. Keep to a morning bathroom schedule

Everyone has different work schedules and commitments; a smart idea when living in a house share is to create a morning bathroom schedule so that everyone gets their own set time to fit their routine! No one wants to be late for work because you decided to take an extra long bath in the morning!

It is also a great idea to decide upon things like designated cooking times, so not every housemate is trying to cook in the kitchen at once.

6. Budget

Budgeting is a great idea whether in a house share or not; keep track of your spending and make sure you always put your rent aside at the start of the month so you are able to make payment on time!

7. Keep in touch with your property managers

At White Horse Property Consultants, we handle everything via WhatsApp messenger and are always at hand to deal with any maintenance issues or disputes within a household. We will do our best to help you out when you need us and will treat you like family, we might even pop in for a cuppa if you’ll have us!

8. Let us do the rest

If you follow the above tips, we can guarantee harmonious living within your house share, we will handle the bills and all the rent payments, maintenance issues and even be there to hand you the keys on moving day! At White Horse, we want the best for you and want to make living in our properties go as smoothly as it can!

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